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2023年勞工主日: 關注疫情下的清潔工人


香港基督教工業委員會主任 陳家偉





The Hong Kong Church has designated the Sunday closest to the International Day on May 1 as the "Labour Sunday", with special attention to the labour situation in Hong Kong. This year's Labour Sunday falls on April 30. Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee (CIC) appeals to all sectors of society to pay attention to the frontline cleaning workers fighting the pandemic. Despite undertaking high-risk cleaning and pandemic prevention work, they have not received the respect and job security they deserve.

Reflecting on the relationship between 'human traditions and God's commandments by examining the arguments in the Gospels of Mark and Matthew, where Pharisees and scribes dispute over the disciples not washing their hands according to traditional rules before eating, responding the unjust actions of outsourced cleaning companies towards cleaning workers by invoking commandments from 'Ten Commandments', such as 'do not steal', 'do not covet others' possessions' and 'do not kill', and reminding society not to overlook the most voiceless and vulnerable groups in the community.

The full text of the Labor Sunday sermon and prayer is attached below, and all are welcome to use it.

下載 PDF • 504KB

Labour Sunday 2023.full version
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