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foodpanda外賣員車禍離世 要求外賣平台提高工傷保障

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1. foodpanda向外賣員死者家屬、全體外賣員及公眾交代今日事故資料

2. 外賣平台保障外賣員應有權益,提高工傷補償金額、增加保障範圍

3. 外賣平台對外賣員提供足夠的職業安全設備及培訓

4. 政府當局儘快檢討外賣平台問題,設立法例保障外賣員



Foodpanda delivery rider died in traffic accident; we demand delivery platforms enhance work injury protection

Around 8 am on July 26th, a foodpanda delivery rider’s motorbike crashed into a bus in Sau Mau Ping. Sadly, the rider passed away in the accident.

Foodpanda hasn’t disclosed relevant information to the deceased riders’ family until 9 hours after the accident, during which it faces media pressure. The company says it will only give the victim’s family a small amount of payment ‘out of compassion’ as the accident didn’t happen during a shift.

As the digital platform controlling all the operation and data, the company has the responsibility to immediately explain the incident to the victim’s family and the public. However, foodpanda only contacted the family half a day later, lacking basic solicitude for the rider. There have been a horrifying number of work injury and death cases in the food delivery industry, and the platforms usually delay providing information to the family members as if they have nothing to do with the accidents.

Delivery platforms always regard their couriers as ‘self-employed persons’ instead of employees, and they never follow employment and employees’ compensation ordinances when it comes to riders’ rights. Although foodpanda offers couriers accident insurance, its benefit level is shockingly lower than the legally required level of employees' compensation insurance.

This accident also reveals the inadequate coverage of the delivery platforms’ insurance. It fails to insure couriers against accidents in the whole working process including the time they go to work and go home after work.

As more and more citizens are relying on delivery platforms and witnessing the hard work of delivery workers, we call on the public to care about their working conditions. We demand that:

1. Foodpanda account for the accident to the victim’s family, all foodpanda couriers and the public,

2. The delivery platforms guarantee couriers' rights, raise the benefit level and broaden the coverage of the insurance,

3. The delivery platforms provide sufficient occupational safety and health equipment, training, and arrangement to couriers,

4. The government reviews the issues in delivery platforms and protectss couriers through legislation or regulation as soon as possible

Riders’ Rights Concern Group (affiliated to the Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee, HKCIC)

Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims (ARIAV)

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