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The Hong Kong Church has designated the Sunday closest to the International Labour Day on May 1 as the "Labour Sunday", with special attention to the labour situation in Hong Kong. On Labour Sunday 2021, the Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee prepared a theological reflection on Holistic Well-being with Sabbath tradition in Isaiah 58.

In addition, the Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee and the Hong Kong Catholic Commission for Labour Affairs also issued a Labour Day Joint Statement and Ecumenical Prayer with the theme "Ensure the Unemployment Protection, Enforce the Living Wage, and List the COVID-19 as an Occupational Disease." We urge the Hong Kong public and the Church to improve the labour rights and pray for the challenging labour situation in Hong Kong.

We pray for the Lord to open our eyes and ignite our fire of compassion that we can offer support to the labours in need and to uphold the labours’ dignity and fullness of life through our works.

Below is the full sermon with prayer:

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